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Sapa - Seomity -Ta Trung Ho - Thanh Phu - Ban Ho - Sapa

On this trip you have an opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful parts in Sapa area, which is under protection of Hoang Lien National Park. The night you spend in campsite nearby a river will be memorial moments along the trek. You will also be able to meet several different minorities, which cannot be found in other areas of Sapa, such as Tay and Xa Pho. Even though they live close to each other, the Tay is one of the most advanced minority meanwhile the Xa Pho still maintains the tradition of being nomadic.
Sapa - Seomity -Ta Trung Ho - Thanh Phu - Ban Ho - Sapa
Sapa - Seomity -Ta Trung Ho - Thanh Phu - Ban Ho - Sapa

Tour Highlights:

  • Visit the most beautiful parts around Sapa.
  • See and talk with a lot of ethnic  people of  the different groups in Sapa
  • Walks between the most picturesque paddy rice fields
  • Discover the natural beauty of the mountainous areas around Sapa.

Night 1:

Take the train from Hanoi to Lao Cai railways station and a 2 hours trip by bus to Sapa

Day 1: Sapa - Tavan - Seomity (L,D)

You will go south by car toward Muong Hoa valley. Your trek will begin from Tavan village of Giay minority.  The first day trek will be mostly uphill. Whenever you stop for a rest, you will be able to enjoy valley view. Before noon, you stop again at a nice spot for lunch.
The trek will be softer in the afternoon. But the scenery becomes even more beautiful. You pass by Seomity village of Black Hmong minority before you arrive at the campsite, which locates nearby a river outside the village. While porters put up tents and cook dinner, you can take a walk to stretch the legs.

Day 2: Seomity - Den Thang - Ta Trung Ho (B,L,D)

The trek today takes you through beautiful rice paddies and over old suspension bridges. You will trek on small trail sneaking through rainforest. You arrive in Den Thang village of Black Hmong by noon. Here you stop for lunch either nearby a river or in a local school according to the weather.
After lunch, the trek will becomes tough on tinny footpath going up and down, which requires a lot of concentration. You will reach to Ta Trung Ho village of Red Dao minority where you spend the night in local house. Both the valley and the village have just received foreign visitors. The night will be even more interesting when you are in the wonderful hospitable atmosphere of the Red Dao

Day 3: Ta Trung Ho - Nam Toong - Thanh Phu (B,L,D)

You are now at the fringe of the rain forest by the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Fansipan, the highest peak in Indochina with its 3143 m, is located in this mountain range. You will start the trek today by ascending to Nam Toong village of Red Dao minority. Here your lunch will be prepared in a local school.
After lunchtime, you descend to the valley where locates My Son village of Xa Pho minority, one of the smallest groups ethnic in Northern Vietnam. From there you take a short walk to Thanh Phu village of Tay minority. Here you spend the night in traditional house of the Tay. You can take a walk to explore local daily life while your dinner will be served with Vietnamese dishes.

Day 4: Thanh Phu - Nam Cum - Sin Chai (B,L,D)

Today’s trek will be relatively short and soft. Once leaving Thanh Phu, you follow the trekking route built in the bottom of the valley, which offers the best view to the surrounding mountains. You stop at a nice spot for lunch.
After lunchtime, you continue the walk toward Sin Chai village of Red Dao minority where the night will be spent in bamboo huts. You will be attracted by the wonderful hospitable atmosphere of the Red Dao.

Day 5: Sin Chai - Thanh Phu - Ban Ho - Sapa (B,L)

Once having left Sin Chai you will start heading towards Ban Ho. You will trek along the riverbank where you can enjoy a refreshing swim nearby a waterfall. At Ban Ho, your lunch will be prepared and served in a friendly local Tay family's house.
On the last hours you can enjoy the valley view one final time while trekking upward Supan. Here your car will take you on journey back to Sapa. On the way you still have many opportunities to enjoy magnificent views of valleys and mountain.

Night 6: Overnight Train back to Hanoi. The train arrive in Hanoi at around 5h30

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